hear it from our clients

Drake, I fished with you Saturday and had to haul ass back to Portland to get our Big boss to PDX for a flight home. I did not get a chance to really thank you. It had been way too long since I fished the Columbia and it was everything I remembered and more. Your expertise was a key component, and made the day fantastic. Not only will I see you next year at this annual event I am planning a day in my head with my kids and my 5 yo grandson who loves all of this. I will not do any fishing with another guide if your available. Thanks once again for a great time.

- Bobby

Portland, Oregon

You and your crew are simply the best. See you in ’18.

- Bill Kiefel

Drake, It was a great trip. I'm absolutely interested in the same dates for next year.

- George Brayer

San Francisco, CA

It was a great trip and we all had an amazing time; George especially. The river, the fishing, the food, and you and your team were all exceptional: You have set the bar incredibly high for yourself! I must say, while it was great to be out on the river fishing, the dinners were a huge part of the experience. You guys run a great camp; don’t change a thing!

We are going to try and determine the size of our group and make our arrangements earlier this coming year so it is easier on everyone. If there is anything else we can do on our end, please let me know.


- Barry McDevitt